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After having a perfect pregnancy and going into labor full term, I expected to give birth to a healthy baby girl. We never imagined  our daughter having an in utero stroke, was even a possibility.

An emergency C-Section, 11 days in the NICU, and what felt like a million tests later, we had more questions than answers. What little information we were given about her health moving forward, was vague & upsetting. We were overwhelmed with the prospect of caring for a new baby, none the less adding in her extra needs.

The hospital social workers had given us so much info, but I honestly don't even remember half of what they said. It was just too much on top of everything else & we couldn't process it all.
Over 6 months later we realized the hospital never set us up to receive services. We were no where near organized & worst of all, I couldn't find anything that would really help.

It's been a long road full of research, trial & error, happiness & tears, but in the end I've learned what to do & what we need to have. I wish I'd had a game plan when we first learned of our daughters disabilities. I wish I'd had the foresight to be organized.

That's why I created the Stronger Mommy "New Parent Battle Plan"! I didn't want other moms to have to go through all the work of figuring out what to do, how to get organized, etc. 
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